I’m training more than ever but not losing weight? | Weight Loss

I’m training more than ever but not losing weight?

There are two type of clients I generally see, the first being someone who has just started out with healthy eating and training, the second being clients who train yet still cant lose weight. Everyone knows to lose weight we need to be in an energy deficit, but it’s not that simple, especially when there is a high training load. A lot of clients are well and truly under eating and over training.

So, where could you be going wrong?

  • Are you skipping breakfast?
  • Do you go longer than 90mins post training before eating?
  • Are you eating too clean and missing out on important fats and minerals?
  • Have you cut out too many carbs?
  • What is your resting calorie rate?
  • Have you got a non training and training day diet ?
  • Are you in a deficit that is too large for your body?
  • Are you snacking on too many nuts during the day ?
  • How much water do you drink

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