Nutrition Workshops & Planning Geelong

Bodhi and Co owner, Donna, has a different approach to food and nutrition and wants to teach clients that healthy doesn’t have to be boring! Using her body fat ultrasound machine, she calculates clients resting calorie rate to help decide which food plans would work best for that client. Meal plans are easy to follow and can be tailored to suit you and your family, with kid friendly recipes.

The aim of our meal plans is to allow clients to have more control and input into their weekly food intake with each plan providing 4-5 options per meal. This allows clients to choose their own meals while sticking to a healthy plan. All plans include recipes to incorporate into their meal plan with snack ideas and dinner options.

Remember this journey can be one that is positive, fun and life changing!

In order for us to provide a meal guideline, we first conduct an initial assessment. This assessment involves a food questionnaire, training history and a bodymetrix scan. It is essential that we conduct this assessment so we can ensure your goals and expectations are reached.

We pride ourselves on educating our clients, this is why we don’t offer 8 or 12 weeks “diet” plans or “fat loss diets”. We want to teach clients that proper nutrition and weight loss is a lifestyle change, and not a quick fix with short term results. We want clients to achieve their health goals and maintain the changes with long term benefits.

At Bodhi and Co, we can also come to your gym and offer a workshop and/or nutrition seminar for your clients and members. Our workshops are tailored to your clientele – we focus our talks on what your members want to know.

Nutrition seminars are 60-90mins with take home show bags, handouts and taste testers. Please contact us for price guidelines.

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