Body Fat Testing Geelong

Using ultrasound technology, bodymetrix body fat testing is the best way to find out your true body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, water weight, muscle activation and resting calories. You can see your progress with accurate fat loss and muscle gain. There are numerous ways to test your body fat – scales, skinfolds, dexa and bodymetrix (ultrasound). All methods have pros and cons with effectiveness and reliability. However testing via ultrasound has been shown to be highly reliable as results can not be manipulated by time of day, exercise, caffeine, food or water intake.

The initial scan takes approximately 20-30 minutes. We test 7 different sites using an ultrasound wand and gel. On each site we can see thickness of body fat, muscle and water. We also look at the activation of muscles on that site. This allows us to show you how your muscles like to be trained and in what order (eg, whether you should train wide back muscles or close grip muscles first).

After scanning the seven sites, we then see your overall results of body fat and muscle. This will then give you your resting calorie rate (BMR). The BMR gives you a good starting point to work with when determining the amount of calories you should be having with your fitness goals and training.

Body fat testing is a great tool to help you track your goals and make you accountable.

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