Dry Needling Geelong

Available at both our Belmont and South Geelong clinics

Dry needling can be confused with acupuncture a lot of the time, but in fact the only similarities between the two are the needles. The needles used in both practices are very similar in sizes and interchangeable, but the methods and techniques used are completely different. Dry needling involves inserting needles directly into muscle trigger points, or more commonly known as “knots” while acupuncture uses “pathways” and manipulates the flow of Qi. Acupuncture is used to treat health conditions, and more recently to help with pregnancy – while dry needling is muscular based.

Needling can be used to treat a variety of issues, from head to toe. This can include, but is not limited to, headaches, muscle tension/soreness, shin splints, back pain, nerve pain, hamstring issues, tight calves, rotator cuff injuries – the list goes on. Needling can also increase healing rates in soft tissue injuries.

Straight after needling, some patients might leave feeling exactly the same way they came in – or even feel like they have been “punched”. This is very common and doesn’t mean the treatment hasn’t worked. Dry needling benefits typically are felt 1-2 days after initial treatment and as time goes on, patients report feeling better and better.

We understand some people have a fear of needles and might be putting off trying dry needling for this reason. Before any needling, our staff go through the process of needling and are happy to show you the needles used (this sometimes calms patients, as they don’t look like regular needles!). Some patients report no pain when needling, while others say it’s a weird ‘tingling’ sensation and hard to explain.

If you’d like to inquire about dry needling, or book an appointment – contact us.