Workplace Massage Geelong and Belmont

At Bodhi and Co, we offer a range of massage services to assist you in managing pain.

One of our unique services is workplace (or in-house) massage for businesses and companies.

Although a relatively new concept for companies, incorporating a health and wellbeing program for their staff has shown highly effective. At Bodhi and Co, we offer in-house massage and treatments for businesses throughout the Belmont and Geelong region. Statistics have shown that companies who incorporate such massage and treatments for their employees can decrease sick leave, workers compensation claims and workplace injuries.

Companies who have included such treatments into their health and wellbeing programs have seen an increase in productivity and overall profit due to fewer sick days and musculoskeletal complaints (lower back pain, tension headaches, RSI).

Incorporating such programs into your business can also be a possible tax deduction for your company (please check with your accountant). We bring all equipment to your workplace and work around your staff, so it fits into your working day.

If you would like to book in a free consultation please contact us. We offer this service for businesses throughout the Geelong and Surfcoast regions.