Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programs Geelong

Coming soon to Bodhi and Co, we will be offering an online program that is designed and tailored purely for new mums and expectant mums.

The female body goes through countless changes when carrying a baby, so it is important that your practitioner and/or trainer has a thorough understanding of the human body during pregnancy and the changes that can occur such as post-natal ab separation. No two pregnancies are the same – and you should take this into account not only when exercising during pregnancy, but also during post natal aftercare (ie exercise, rehabilitation, core training).

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and passion for helping women during pregnancy and post pregnancy care. We also understand there are limited programs available that purely cater for new mums. This is such an exciting, wonderful time for you and we’re here to ensure that you get the best care possible.

The aim of our program is to provide a service that is designed specifically for the changing female body, that can be accessed online, meaning you can do it at home, in your own time, around your baby.

Our key focus is to improve pelvic stability, postural control and spatial awareness – all aspects that change during pregnancy. The mother’s centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, meaning stretching of muscles and tissues are consistently occurring. Each of our programs is tailored to your needs with rehabilitation exercises, pelvic floor and core training, at home workouts and nutrition. The online platform allows you to build your own program and choose which services suit you best. The program is 8-10 weeks in during, with clients having new information and programs released to them every week. A pre-programming screening is conducted in order for us to know which program is best suited to you.

We also offer ab separation post-natal treatment in Belmont, Geelong. Contact us today to chat to us about our pre and post natal exercise programs, or to book a consultation, contact us.