Massage Therapy Belmont, Geelong

At Bodhi and Co, we offer a range of massage therapy services to assist you in managing pain. We offer remedial massage and functional release massage with our therapists in our Belmont Clinic and coming soon a South Geelong clinic.

Massage has been shown to be highly effective in alleviate pain, increase range of movement which is caused by injury or inflexibility, stimulate muscles that haven’t been activating or used correctly, and increases endorphins (the good feeling, happy vibes).

Remedial massage, pregnancy relaxation massage and deep tissue are the three most common types of massage. Another type of massage we use is trigger point massage and functional release.

Another unique service we offer is workplace massage for businesses. This is a  relatively new concept for companies where they are now incorporating a health and wellbeing program for their staff. For more information on this check out our in-house massage page.