Cupping Geelong

Cupping is a Chinese therapy that has been around for many many years but has more recently grown popularity in the modern day therapy practices.

Most people associate cupping with the round purple marks that are sometimes left on patients skin however aren’t completely sure what cupping actually is or the purpose of it.

The “cups” (either glass or plastic) are placed onto areas of the body has poor circulation, a sucking effect is placed onto the cups which draws blood to the surface. Cupping releases built up toxins such as lactic acid in the body. It also can increase blood flow to areas that have been restricted due to scar tissue. Cupping can be used for a variety of aliments and injuries such as back pain, headaches, joint pain and discomfort also relaxation.

There are many different ways cups can be applied with most people assuming a flame and lighting the cups is the only way. At Bodhi and Co we don’t use any heat or flames of any variety instead we choose cups with valves on top that allow air to be sucked out. Cups can be placed and left on the skin  then removed and a flushing massage to follow. Another method that is sometimes used is gliding. This process involves placing the cups on the skin then slowly moving the cups up and down the skin before releasing the cups.

We like to use cupping as another form of treatment as the results can be felt immediately and don’t require a rest from training or daily activities. For more treatment options please see our other services