Functional Release Massage Belmont, Geelong

At Bodhi and Co, we offer trigger point massage and functional release therapies. Our therapies involve manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, joints and fascia in the human body to provide relief from tension and pain. These therapies can be incorporated into any rehabilitation or sport therapy plan.

Functional release therapy is another form of massage that involves stretching the muscle while incorporating massage techniques. The benefits of massage can be extensive, however when incorporated with functional release, patients have reported feeling longer lasting results and better improvements in muscle and fascia tension.

We aim to increase our clients’ range of movement so they can return to work, sport or their gym program quicker. Treatment can alleviate pain, increase range of movement which is caused by injury or inflexibility, stimulate muscles that haven’t been activating or used correctly, and increases endorphins (the good feeling, happy vibes).

We also offer services that are more suited for muscular issues and sport massage. In addition to this, at Bodhi and Co in Belmont we also treat pregnancy related issues and concerns (ie lower back pain and pelvis instability) through similar techniques.

Remedial and relaxation massage is coming soon to Bodhi & Co at two locations to cater for everyone. Learn more about our workplace massage services here.

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