Are work and looking at phones causing you injuries? | Kyphotic Spine

Are work and looking at phones causing you injuries?

Unfortunately, we now live in a world where we spend a lot of our time at work, which for most of us involves sitting at desks hunched over doing book work, looking at computers, reading emails on laptops or scrolling on our phones. As a result, I now see more patients with a kyphotic spine which can lead to a range of injuries and muscle imbalances.

It is important to get on top of a kyphotic spine as much as possible through exercise, stretching, strengthening AND regular treatment from a health professional. It use to be our work desks causing a lot of our skeletal issues, but now due to technology and our obsession with social media and iPhones, there is a thing we call “text neck”. Xrays by Dr Carter show changes in the spinal curvature causing muscle imbalances, headaches and referred pain. One way to help this is to include exercises to increase strength in posterior neck muscles.

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