Phoebe Wilkens 

I have been training with Donna for four years now. She has been the driving force behind my 14kg weight loss and weight management. Donna is the first person that has made me enjoy training and exercising and pushes me to strive for my best and reach fitness goals I never imagined I could achieve.

She writes my nutrition plans weekly, which are easily maintainable. There are no fad diets, pills or potions, just a well-thought out and thoroughly researched plan, which includes all the things I love and restricts nothing. I would not hesitate in recommending Donna and her services to anyone of any age or fitness level, whether they are looking to lose weight, maintain weight loss or work towards a specific goal.

With thanks to Donna my life has changed for the better and I cannot praise Donna and her experience and knowledge enough.


I have had nothing but a fantastic experience working with Donna to loose my baby weight. I gained nearly 30 kilos and hated my body. Now I’m happy and confident again and hardly use my scales knowing that i fit into my old clothes again is all I need.

Donna helped me to understand that the scales aren’t everything and that fat and muscle measurements were so much more accurate… Thank you Donna! You have made me one happy and confident mumma… I’m back to loving my body and will hit the beach in a bikini again with confidence!

Amanda Wilkens 

Various members of our family have happily used the professional services of Donna Lindsay, and lately we have added my Mother to the list.  With great care and thoughtfulness Donna has been able to treat a frail and aged lady and has had wonderful results where other medical professionals have not.

Donna has a great knowledge and insight into the human physical condition and I am very happy to recommend her skills.  We also congratulate her on her new venture at Bodhi & Co where she will enable other like-minded professionals to make their skills available.

Margie Black

After a preliminary consultation, Donna designed an eating plan for me, which included an initial “detox”, and incorporated foods I loved! Her regular follow ups, weekly management kept me on track and resulted in me reaching my goal 5kgs weight loss. I highly recommend Donna’s friendly, professional approach to health and fitness. My program was only the ‘tip’ of what she offers clients in an eating and fitness plan.

Steph Porter

I cannot thank Donna enough for her passion, knowledge and dedication to my health. I have lost 30kgs thanks to her detailed programs and in-depth nutritional information that are tailored to my needs. Both my strength and cardiovascular fitness have skyrocketed since starting her program and I’m now lighter, healthier and more confident and have grown to LOVE working out. Donna really knows her stuff and I’m proof. I live in a different state to Donna and her online help is the reason why I succeed.