rocktapeRocktape, or kinesiology taping, is something we highly recommend at Bodhi and Co. This type of taping can benefit a wide range of clients.

This brightly coloured tape that you likely see everywhere, is very stretchy, which allows you to still have full range of motion unlike other tape which is rigid and restricts movement. Rocktape is used for three effects, fluid effect, mechanical effect and neurological effect. Fluid effect is using tape to improve blood flow to areas and help remove waste products (bruising) to improve healing time. Mechanical effect refers to using Rocktape to improve stability and stretch to muscles, ligaments and tendons. Neurological effect is providing pain free feedback to the body which make it difficult for the nervous system to feel pain in an area.

Rocktape can be use to reduce pain, drain swelling, improve posture, improve function and stability, facilitate early return to sport and activity. In recent research there has also been evidence to suggest Rocktape can help reduce DOMS. Rocktape is also highly beneficial during pregnancy to help with lower back pain, reduce pelvic strain and a list of other common pregnancy related issues.

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